11 Aug 2015

Vectra Visual helps Guess elevate their in-store experience…

Vectra Visual helps Guess to stretch their logistics budget – and elevate their in-store experience – with Stretch Fabric graphics from our New Durst Rhotex HS!

Vectra Visual is pleased to announce the addition to our stable of incredible print equipment, the latest Durst Rhotex Hi-Speed.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.11.52 AM

The first of its kind in the US, this lightning fast wide-format dye-sublimation printer represents the new generation of dye-sublimation technology.

Fast – Direct dispersal means significant labor savings – which we pass on to you, along with the increased Speed-to-Market.

Gorgeous – New print head technology and ultra-high resolution give a depth and color level that blows prior print systems right out of the water.

fabric_pic 01_22

So why Stretch Fabric?
  • Incredible image saturation and color, combined with the durability of a substrate that cannot be wrinkled, creased or torn.
  • Super-simple store employee level installation means 100% compliance with a “forgiveness” level that no other substrate can deliver – NO damages = NO reships.
  • Fold-N-Ship capability means you can put a huge graphic into a small Poly shipping bag, without any protective packing, and ship it for the same cost as shipping a t-shirt – with no risk of damage! The savings on shipping and packaging are amazing.


Best of all – the aluminum extrusion Stretch graphic frames are inexpensive and clean looking – and a very easy retrofit for older, clunkier visuals hardware.

Weave in-store fabric graphics into your visual program and reap the rewards in shipping savings and stress free execution!