07 Jul 2015

Vectra Visual Helps Converse Light Up Their Kicks!!

Converse came to us on a quest for hanging lit shadow boxes for their 2015 Made By You campaign, for 33 of their outlet stores.

Converse ShadowBox Frame

The challenge was weight and material strength.

The original request was 110 frames made from a thicker rigid stock material.

We quickly decided to switch to a lighter foam/styrene composite stock that we have been experimenting with.

This would alleviate any weight issues and still give the rigidity and durability needed.

Best of all it is recyclable–very important to both us and the customer.

Our talented R&D team sprang into action quickly determining the best way to cut, fold, assemble and light each individual box.

Each dimensional frame was produced in one piece, saving Converse on stock cost.

Additional benefits included:
– lower shipping costs
– easy install for store associates
– easy de-install after the campaign ended.


We developed a dieline to determine the best placement for folds and material sheet size for best yield.

By creating the design on screen we were quickly able to find best efficiencies to increase yield – and pass those cost savings onto Converse!

After dialing-in the design and finishing testing it was now time to add the lights.…

The most innovative portion of this project came from the creative use of the unique lighting solutions.

We fabricated a 180 degree fold for the infinity board, making it act as its own mending plate.

We needed additional mending plates inside the frame to hold the final curved shaped.

The LED Lighting system is a sealed system with a built-in transformer. Fabricating the lights with the in line transformer truly made the frame a plug-and-play system that could be easily installed by the store associates.


A top-of-the-line elevated look in each store, for a low affordable price using recyclable material!

Our client was happy, the stores were thrilled with their new easy-to-install lit displays and we were able to share our creativity with others.

In addition the material supplier for this project thought our design was so innovative they requested to use a sample in their Global Shop booth.

A truly collaborative effort between customer and vendor created a successful, cost efficient project – and all moving at the speed of retail!