02 Mar 2016

Toys “R” Us 2016 Banner Rollout

Toys “R” Us partners with Vectra Visual for their 2016 banner rollout program!

Combining promo with practical, the banner program cleverly utilizes the extra space above the products to promote their online store while concealing their overstock merchandise. It’s a key piece of store decor that requires consistency with color and final finishing so that the banners have a clean in-line presence, with little edge curl.

To achieve this “look”, Vectra Visual tested multiple vinyl products and heat seal capabilities to figure out the perfect match that gives both the bright color reproduction and clean, flat look Toys “R” Us is looking for.

To further guarantee a flat presentation, our team decided to run the banner scrim oriented in a unique way, to reduce the potential curl issue that is too often seen when using large vinyl banners.

Importantly, the banners are installed by the store personnel. It is therefore critical that a simple, repeatable installation method is used to achieve the clean look by making it easy for the store personal to install it.

In order to accommodate the existing overstock frame system, we used a styrene reinforced banner top with drill holes that easily affixes to the structure.

Mission accomplished!

We are honored to be able to look forward to our continued partnership with Toys “R” Us.