19 Apr 2016

The North Face – Future of Dry Display

The North Face presented Vectra Visual with a challenge to create a 6’ self-standing dimensional display, that can ship under freight, internationally and within budget, showing a rain coat in action.

Vectra Visual’s task was to produce a compelling front of the shop presentation showing the windproof / waterproof technology of The North Face Fuseform story.

Using a rain rod concept to achieve this look, Vectra tested multiple material and fabrication options.   Beginning with an enclosed 4 –side clear figure constructed out of clear PETG on all sides and shipped assembled to stores. However after additional testing and cost analysis, Vectra changed directions to ensure all components could be easily assembled by store associates and ship flat under freight. In order achieve this affect a metal frame was constructed that easily screwed together, this reduced the amount of printing and finishing needed as well, therefore saving time and cost. In addition this mitigated any damage concerns during shipment.

The final product, is a reusable metal frame with two graphics adhered to simulate the sleek, toughness and versatility of the FuseForm technology presented by The North Face.