07 Dec 2015

Nike East Los Community Store

Vectra Visual helps Nike with a “heavy metal” challenge in their new East Los Community Store!

On the heels of a successful design and install for the Nike Community Store in NYC, Nike came back to us for a complete store graphics package for their new East Los Angeles Community Store.

Nike had a vision for their main “Geared for Greatness” wall: to have dimensional metal bleachers attached vertically to the store perimeter. The look had to be industrial/stadium authentic.

But did we really need to go to the expense and installation complexity of using real bleachers…..?

Nike 02

Our R&D team swung into action. After some sourcing and testing, we decided to “fake out” the look needed by overprinting a seamless metal texture with an 80% opacity onto universal chrome vinyl. We then wrapped it around a light weight black core Infinity Board, to achieve the the dimensional look that Nike was going for.

Nike 03

Additionally, dimensional sintra letters were attached to the wall, with styrene faces to hide the hanging hardware for the bleachers.

Using the Infinity Board, instead of real metal bleachers, not only cut down costs, but also prevented the potential danger of heavy falling objects, due to seismic events that California is known for.

Nike 04


The ”ball wall” consists of a radial pattern of sports equipment protrudinghalfway out of the wall giving the area some unqiue dimensions and interesting textures.

There are also several large mounted graphics and wall graphics, and banners from all the area high schools- to enhance the focus of the NFS Community concept.

Another win for the Vectra Visual Design and R&D team, and as always, heartfelt thanks to the Nike Factory Stores team for letting us be a part of their vision!