13 Jan 2016

Coca-Cola’s Showroom Remodel

Coca-Cola Western HQ Office requested a remodel of their showroom from Vectra Visual. After brainstorming innovative ideas between our design and sales team, we came up with a visual masterpiece!

Incorporating the lifestyle of all of the Coke Brands and focusing on the SoCal culture we designed a collage wall that hit all points. For the wall graphic, we needed a versatile and yet easy to work with material that would be removable once that time came. Based on this, we went with an adhesive-backed fabric product called Photo-Tex. Using Photo-Tex gave the rich look without having to apply any type of wallpaper.

For the Coca-Cola logo, we knew that they’d want a dynamic material with a really interesting finish so we used printed (with Coca-Cola red of course) adhesive-backed chrome vinyl mounted to a PCV foam board. Which was then contour-cut to make the logo really pop on their wall (and finished with a wall-cleat).

The marketing team was excited and would like to incorporate this look into more of their offices and retail locations. We look forward to future projects working with such an iconic brand!